The following is a non complete list of updates of the patch that allows you to check for new messages in your incoming folders.

November 04, 2006 Pine 4.64
  • Fixed a bug which makes Pine select a folder that contains new messages, when the cursor is in the folder list screen and the TAB key is used to check for new mail in a selected folder.
February 15, 2006 Pine 4.64
  • Fixed a bug which makes Pine give the wrong report in a folder that can not be opened (e.g. cancellation of connection).
November 17, 2005 Pine 4.64
  • Add a fix in the code for a bug that is not mine, but it affects my code. I added a new function which does comparison of streams even for two streams to a pop3 server, which are different, but for which Pine can claim they are the same.
September 23, 2005 Pine 4.63
  • Released updated version which fixes some shortcomings (that an euphesism for "bugs") which improve the handling of checking for new mail while Pine is in the folder list screen.
  • Fixed a bug which made Pine crash if the INBOX folder contained a self-signed certificate. In this case, the scrolltool function would be called twice. The solution was to quell the second call. Originally reported in gentoo bugzilla.
July 29, 2005 Pine 4.63
  • Released updated version which tries to minimize the amount of time the patch spends checking for new mail while trying to give the most accurate report it can. I have been testing this for about 2 months already.
February 21, 2005 Pine 4.62
  • Rewrote the code to reduce its size and improve memory management.
August 03, 2004 Pine 4.61
  • Fix a bug which made Pine fail to report folders that contained new mail in case that the feature enable-fast-recent-test is enabled. Reported by Jester Maartenson.
May 26, 2004 Pine 4.60
  • Added some code that makes Pine repaint the full login line when opening an external incoming folder. This makes the screen look nicer (in my eyes).
May 22, 2004 Pine 4.60
  • Rewrote some code so that the include of limits.h not be necessary, since this causes an error in compilation of solaris. Reported by Radu Cornea.
January 23, 2004 Pine 4.58
  • Change that makes the check of incoming folders closer to what the TAB key does. Hopefully this will not cause any trouble.
December 12, 2003 Pine 4.58
  • Added code so that errors while checking for new mail will not be displayed. Although it is desirable to have errors displayed, they are quelled because they can potentially reappear many times during a session and that is undesirable (these errors will appear though when you try to open the folder that has problems).
December 07, 2003 Pine 4.58
  • Added a hack so that check for new mail of maildrops from a newsgroup will use the correct newsrc file when multiple newsrc support is enabled.
November 21, 2003 Pine 4.58
  • Add a new feature recheck-all-incoming-folders, which makes Pine check all folders for new mail, all the time, even if new mail was reported for some of them. This was added in case Pine was not the only client used to read mail in those incoming folders. Suggested after a discussion with Jesper Maartenson.
October 03, 2003 Pine 4.58
  • Fix a bug that made Pine not to report new mail in certain incoming folders (but still select those folders). Bug is related to the fact that the notification depended on the amount of folders that had been notified, not if there were new folders that needed to be notified. Reported by Tony Tung
July 17, 2003 Pine 4.56
  • Add a variable called "inc-fld-timeout" which allows you to determine how long will you wait for a connection to an external server before it is dropped. The idea is that you can drop slow connections by setting this variable to be a small number. It defaults to 5 seconds.
April 17, 2003 Pine 4.55
  • Fixes a bug during compilation. The function icon_tex has two parameters but I was calling it with only one argument.
March 28, 2003 Pine 4.53
  • Fixes a bug which prevented Pine using more than 30 incoming folders. Reported by Jesper Maartenson.
September 3, 2002 Pine 4.44
  • Somehow black hand added a definition of a function to this patch, which does not even belong to this patch. The function was update_new_mail_index which belongs to the fancy thread patch and not here. Reported by Tim Miller.
July 17, 2002 Pine 4.44
  • A bug in the function that counts the number of selected folders made Pine report incorrectly the number of selected folders. The fix was to replace !context->prev by context->use & CNTXT_INCMNG. Reported by Paolo Cascini.
June 29, 2002 Pine 4.44
  • Several speed improvements:
    • If checking for new mail takes too long, then the checks are spaced more in time (less disruptive).
    • The patch checks folders which do not have new mail, so if a remote folder contains new mail, it is not checked again. We can do this now (as opposed to older versions of the patch) because we have a very safe way to keep a record of which folders contain new mail. If you check your remote folders last, this will result in a speed improvement.
March 20, 2002 Pine 4.44
  • Add code that will make the patch check mail when there has not been input from the user for a long period of time (equal to the amount of time configured in the new-mail-check-interval variable).
January 09, 2002 Pine 4.44
  • Patch updated for version 4.44
  • Patch was modified in such a way that it should apply without failures with the "fancy thread interface" patch.
December 26, 2001 Pine 4.43
  • Remove the definition of some keys, so that the patch applies cleanly when applied together with other patches.
December 03, 2001 Pine 4.43
  • Apparently not all folders get selected when they receive new mail, attempt to fix it.
November 22, 2001 Pine 4.42
  • Patch updated for version 4.42
November 16, 2001 Pine 4.41
  • Update patch for version 4.41
October 23, 2001 Pine 4.40
  • Add an speed improvement to make Pine not check in an opened folders.
September 25, 2001 Pine 4.40
  • Fix a bug, where an extra "{" was placed in folder.c. Strange...Reported by Ryan Veety
September 06, 2001 Pine 4.40
  • Update the patch for version 4.40 (not released yet)
August 20, 2001 Pine 4.33
  • Attempt to fix a bug which made Pine report new mail when there wasn't any. It has worked so far.
June 28, 2001 Pine 4.33
  • Now the patch will change in the following direction: If pine needs input from a user, then Pine won't check for mail automatically after coming back to normal operation, this makes Pine look faster. The first update was to not to check for new mail after coming back from Pico, when composing a message. More changes will follow.
June 02, 2001 Pine 4.33
  • Update so that status messages will be synchronized with screens when access is remote (there was no synchronization in Inbox), and still there's no total synchronization, but now it's much better.
March 26, 2001 Pine 4.33
  • Update to improve speed when checking for new mail.
February 28, 2001 Pine 4.33
  • A bug that made pine not recognize its correct screen was fixed, now one can start Pine checking on non local incoming folders.
January 08, 2001 Pine 4.31
  • A bug that made Pine crash if no incoming folders to check were defined was fixed. Reported by Peter Lewis.
November 21, 2000 Pine 4.30
  • A bug was introduced in the last fix, a new variable was introduced to prevent Pine from falling into this bug.
November 8, 2000 Pine 4.30
  • Peter Karlsson sent me a bug report that the patch did not work for local folders, only for IMAP folders, hopefully this bug was corrected in this new version.
June 09, 2000 Pine 4.21
  • Steve Bonds sent the following message to me:
    I've modified the incoming folders patch so that it doesn't need the build->patch->build cycle any more. Instead of patching os.c, I patched osdep/termin.gen instead.
    If you don't think this will work, let me know. I also removed some unnecessary sections in the patch where helptext.c and helptext.h were included even though only pine.hlp needs to be patched.
    Once these were accomplished, the intermediate build was no longer needed.
March 25, 2000 Pine 4.21
  • Added a line to try to fix a bug in a message (it sent message [ d#???? </ > ]), now it should not.
March, 2000 Pine 4.21