The following is a non complete list of updates of the patch that allows you to write especial characters, like accents, in Pico even if you do not have a keyboard that can write directly those characters into the input.
Date Version Description
Apr 09, 2001 Pine 4.33 Added new characters to the patch: 氹
Apr 09, 2001 Pine 4.33 Add the ability to insert accents in headers!!
May 30, 2001 Pine 4.33 Fix a bug which made Pine insert a null character when editing headers and when no accent was really inserted. This made Pine crash.
June 26, 2001 Pine 4.33 Fix a bug which made Pico crash when searching for the string "%s".
Sept, 06 2001 Pine 4.40 Update the patch for the new version of Pine (not released yet)
November 16, 2001 Pine 4.41 Update patch for version 4.41
November 22, 2001 Pine 4.42 Patch updated for version 4.42
January 21, 2002 Pine 4.44 Added character , after a suggestion by Andreas Prilop