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Further Notes to incoming.patch
These notes were sent to me by Darrel Woodard,
I have been recently trying to get the pine patch: Pine sends e-mail from the command line to work from within the cron on UNIX (Compaq Tru64). It was very frustrating because my program worked fine from the command line and from my script but DID NOT work when the script was run from cron. After several hours of playing around with it I discovered that I had to enter my -I ^X,y parameter in a very specific format or the cron had problems with it. What I found was that:
  1. I had to put double quotes around my ^X,y (that is "^X,y"). Single quotes did not work for me.
  2. I had to remove the space from between the -I and the "^X,y" (that is -I"X,y" instead of -I "X,y").
I also had to put the full path to the PINE command in my program to run it from cron.
It may save some other poor souls much frustration if you would note this on your webpage.

Last Updated Tue Jul 15 12:29:34 PDT 2003