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Check for New Mail in Incoming Folders
I am working on adding new functionlaity to this patch, which consists in adding a report of new and total number of messages in each incoming folder. The report looks more or less like
INBOX  [3/5]     cygwin  [4/23]
I need some feedback in terms of understanding if this is the way that the report should be made (it can be made on a one line per folder basis too). So far the patch behaves as follows. For each folder, the number of new messages and the number of messages in the folder are displayed in the format
Folder Name [New Messages/Total Messages in folder]
When scrolling between folders all the information above is in reverse video. Should I just put the folder name in reverse video? Is it clear enough that the report is always to the right of the folder?
In order to have the report available, one must disable the feature [ ] enable-fast-recent-test. Unfortunately due to an old bug in the UW-IMAP server, one must do the slow test all the time (including when pressing TAB), since there is an incompatibility of the fast and slow test which corrupts the fast test making it find new mail when there's no new mail.
The number of recent messages and the total number of messages correspond to the result of the latest poll of the folder. The real number that you will find when you open that folder may be different, depending on if you have filters that act on that folder, or if new messages arrived to the folder since the last check.
Feel free to send me your feedback. Thanks!

Last Updated Tue Feb 17 13:32:39 PST 2004