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Fancy Thread Interface FAQ
Versions of pine the patch is available for: pine 4.43
I found a bug in the way the index is displayed, can you fix it?
Sure, I can try. The only problem is that the bug may not be mine. Here's the most typical bug that is not mine.
Say you entered to a folder, where message 2 is a direct reply yo message 1, message 3 is also a reply to message 2. Now you press k and realize that the index looks like:
(1) |> Message 1
(1) |> Message 2
(1) \> Message 3
Probably you were expecting to see the index like:
(3) Message 1
    \-Message 2
      \-Message 3
Here's the way to know if this is my bug. Save the thread to a local folder, and press k in that folder. If you see the bug again, then it is probably my bug, if not, then it's very likely to be a bug in the server you are using to read this folder.
If you want to test further, you can try the following. Run Pine under gdb and make a break point at kolapse_select. In it examine the value of *node at every stop. In the case of the bug, the report will look like:
node->next->num = 1
node->next->branch->num = 2
node->next->branch->branch->num = 3
but in the case of the non bug it will look like
If you find that Pine is reporting the last node not indented correctly, please let me know. If you see that Pine is (after analyzing the nodes) displaying the threads according to what the server reported, then report this as a bug of the server. I already received a report that courier imap does this.