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Pine sorts your folders by thread
Versions of pine the patch is available for: pine 4.21
If you are looking for support for thread support, I recomend that you take a look at the following patch, which not only supports sort by thread, but also support operations with threads.
Nothing is simple, and making this patch work with Pine will require some work from your part
First grab the candidate of imap server #7 called imap.tar.Z from UW's ftp site, or my local backup here. Decompress it, and untar it. You should get a direcoty called "imap-2000.RELEASE-CANDIDATE.7". Unzip and untar pine4.21, remove the imap directory that comes with it and copy the "imap-2000" directory to replace the directory you just deleted. Apply the patch that you got from the link above, as you normally would with any other patch, and compile Pine. The new version of Pine you get is able to do threading.
Finally, you'll have to redefine the rsh-command so that it points to the new version of imapd you constructed, not the old one.
If you think this is complicated, you should think how complicated was to get threading into the server, send an e-mail to Mark Crispin to thank him for this add on. This patch is just the final touch.

Last Updated 22:58:58 PST Wed Nov 15 2000