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Get a shorter SmartTime token
Versions of pine the patch is available for: pine 4.40
This patch was posted by Joachim Lous in comp.mail.pine, below is his explanation of what the patch does.
When using the SMARTTIME format token, the whole point is usually to save screen space. However, I'd like an even more compact presentation than that, which communicates more information than I would get by just truncating SMARTTIME.
This short patch below (for Pine 4.40) adds the token SMARTTIME5, which is always 5 characters wide and uses the following formats, depending on how far away the time is:
Today: 14:35
Last 7 days: Th-09
Last 11 months: 12sep
Older/future: Dec00

Hope someone finds it useful. Bugs, suggestions etc. are of course welcome.

Last Updated 15:58:29 PDT Fri Oct 19 2001