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Select messages that are recent in your mailbox
Patch is available for version: pine 4.58 pine 4.60 pine 4.61
This patch adds an option so that you can select messages that are recent to a folder. A message is recent to a folder when it was not in the folder the last time it was closed (which means that it arrived after you closed that folder for the last time).
If you use the IMAPSTATUS token in your index-format variable, Recent messages are flagged N. If you use the STATUS token, then recent or unseen messages are flagged N.
In order to use this patch, you should select messages in the normal way you do. Press ; S to select messages by Status, then press R to select Recent messages or press ! R to select messages that are not recent.
This patch motivated by Nancy McGough's wish list.

Last Updated 17:07:06 PDT Thu Jul 15 2004.