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Allow errors in display of QP encoding
Versions of pine the patch is available for: pine 4.31 pine 4.33 pine 4.40 pine 4.41 pine 4.43 pine 4.44 pine 4.52 pine 4.53 pine 4.55 pine 4.56 pine 4.58
This patch allows you to force Pine to display QP enconded messages even if there is an error in the sender encoding by ignoring the error.
Normally Pine would not display a message if there is a mistake in the encoding, which is quite inconvenient. This patch will make Pine ignore the error and display the remaining text.
The mistakes that Pine catch are normally unencoded equal signs. This is because, in Quoted Printable encoding all encoded text is encoded in the form =xy, where x and y are hexadecimal numbers. The classical example is =20, which is the encoding of a (breaking) space. Some clients send messages incorrectly encoded, normally the equal (=) sign is not encoded, so Pine sees this error and quits displaying the message. Although it is understandable that Pine would not show the message, in practice ignoring the error stills shows quite a significant amount of the message, to make it still readable.

Last Updated 13:43:32 PDT Wed Sep 10 2003.