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Fix a bug that makes Pine redownload all messages from a maildrop
Patch is available for version: pine 4.61
When Pine opens a maildrop from a nttp server, it uses the .newsrc file to store the information on messages read in that specific newsgroup, so that the next time it opens it, it will be easy to check for new messages.
However, when you have enabled multiple newsrc support, when a news collection related to that server is created, you are asked if you want to RENAME the old .newsrc file so that you get a start in the new .newsrc tailored to your new news server.
The problem with this is obvious, in that the once a maildrop has been added, the next time that you add a new nntp server, the .newsrc file may disappear, and so there will not be any way to know the status of the maildrops. This means that when Pine checks for new mail in those maildrops (e.g. when it opens it), Pine will download all messages that are available in the server to the maildrop, causing duplicates of messages in the maildrop. This is very undesirable.
This patch fixes this bug by COPYING the .newsrc file, if requested by the user, so a copy of the .newrcs file will always be available to the user.

Last Updated 09:07:45 PDT Tue Aug 24 2004.