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Fix a bug which makes some handles disappear from the screen
Patch is available for version: pine 4.62
This patch fixes a bug that makes Pine scroll to a handle that does not appear in the screen, making the cursor disappear. One way in which this bug will be present is if you are sent several links in a message written in format=flowed text. In this case, it is possible that Pine thinks that the link is in a line previous to its location, and in this case, Pine would scroll to the previous line trying to find a link which is only present in the next line, causing the bug and making the cursor disappear.
You can see the bug with your own eyes.
There is another way in which a bug of this type can happen and it is when there is a list of links in a message, and the list appears quoted. In that case if you set the threshold of quotes so that some links will disappear, because they are quoted, then Pine will scroll to the first hidden link before it will scroll to a visible one.

Last Updated 11:13:58 PST Wed Feb 09 2005.