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Support for Courier file systems in the Maildir patch for Pine
If you are familiar with the original Maildir patch this is an extra feature added to that patch, so most of the configuration is done very similarly.
In a courier file system all folders are subfolders of a root folder called INBOX. Normally INBOX is located at ~/Maildir and subfolders are "dot" directories in ~/Maildir. For example ~/Maildir/.Trash is a subfolder of INBOX and is accessed with the nickname "INBOX.Trash".
You can not access folders in this way unless you preceed them with the string "#mc/". The purpose of the string "#mc/" is to warn Pine that a collection in the Courier format is going to be accessed, so you can SELECT a folder like "#mc/INBOX.Trash", but not "INBOX.Trash"
You can access a collection through a server, but if you want to access a collection of folders created using the Courier server, you MUST edit your ".pinerc" file and enter the definition of the collection as follows:
folder-collections="Anything you want" #mc/INBOX.[]
You can replace the string "#mc/INBOX." by something different, for example "#mc/Maildir/." will make Pine search for your collection in ~/Maildir.
You can not add this directly into Pine because Pine fails to accept this value from its input, but it takes it correctly when it is added through the ".pinerc" file.
You can access your inbox as "#mc/INBOX" or "#md/INBOX". Both definitions point to the same place.
Please send me all feedback you have about the patch so that it can be improved in later versions.

Last Updated 11:01:25 PST Fri Apr 01 2005.