I got into Pine when I started studying my Ph.D. at the University of Washington (UW). In case you don't know it, and you are thinking of abbreviating the name of the University of Washington as "Washington University", that's another fine institution of learning, located in St. Louis Missouri. Anyway, I got here in September 1995 and continued using the only e-mail program I used to know at that time, the "mail" program. To me that program was very clunky, very hard to manage and quite confusing. There was no good editor, I've never liked vi, etc. Even with all the problems that the mail program has, I still kept using it. Around the end of October, other people showed me Pine, and although I tried it once, I came back to the mail program. However, the advantage of having an editor leaned the balance in Pine's direction, and around late October 1995 I started using Pine as my only e-mail program. So that's how it all started.