The following is a non complete list of updates of the patch that allows you to define new rules to make pine flexible.

August 1, 2008 Alpine 1.10
  • I added code to the patch, that makes it determine the role to be used in a reply, before anything else, only if it is necessary to determine other things like the quote string.
January 24, 2008 Alpine 1.00
  • There is a bug which makes Alpine create envelopes for messages for which it only needs index data information. This makes Alpine slow down on remote news collections.
July 7, 2007 Alpine 0.999
  • Added new tokens _OPENINGTEXT_ and _OPENINGTEXTNQ_.
January 20, 2007 Pine 4.64
  • Fixed a bug which made Pine not update the index when a corresponding index-rule was modified.
October 17, 2006 Pine 4.64
  • Added macro support by adding the _SCREEN_, _PKEY_ and _COMMAND_ tokens.
June 11, 2006 Pine 4.64
  • Added the PROCID token in the official release.
April 08, 2006 Pine 4.64
  • Added support for the ADDRESSTO, ADDRESSCC and ADDRESSRECIPS token for the index-format.
January 30, 2006 Pine 4.64
  • Fixed a bug which made Pine crash when one adds the ATT token to the index format. Reported by Erik Quaeghebeur in comp.mail.pine.
July 29, 2005 Pine 4.63
  • Fixed a bug which made Pine crash when one replies to several messages at the same time (in an aggregate operation).
February 25, 2005 Pine 4.62
  • Rewrote the advance_to_char function because it was returning incorrect data.
January 19, 2005 Pine 4.62
  • An updated version of this patch was released for version 4.62 on January 18, 2005. Most of the functions in file rules.c were rewritten. The main point is that the old code did "parsing and execution" all the time. Now parsing is done when starting, and only execution is done when needed. This is only a noticeable improvement in old and slow processors.
  • Robert Delius Royar has pointed out that the new code does not contain a protection to deference a null pointer, which makes Pine crash. He submitted a patch for this, which was added to the new code. Thank you!!
November 30, 2004 Pine 4.61
  • Add all tokens related to date, so that they can be used with save rules.
September 17, 2004 Pine 4.61
  • I had made a change in rules.c in all.patch that had not been made in this patch. Robert Wolf called my attention on this matter and helped me fix some bugs introduced in these new modifications. Thank you!
August 03, 2004 Pine 4.61
  • Fixed a bug that made Pine save some messages which should not have when using the move-auto-read-msgs-using-rules option.
July 24, 2004 Pine 4.61
  • Added two tokens ADRESSCC and ADDRESSRECIPS which are the equivalent of the ADRESSTO token and it has the same relationship to then CC and RECIPS tokens that ADRESSTO has to the TO token.
July 02, 2004 Pine 4.60
  • Fixed a bug which could make Pine save messages in the incorrect folder when the rule for automatic movement of messages to their destination folders was used.
June 04, 2004 Pine 4.60
  • Fixed a bug which could make Pine crash when moving read messages from a folder in case there were filtered messages in that folder.
May 14, 2004 Pine 4.58
  • Added two new variables threading-display-style-rule and threading-index-style-rule.
June 09, 2003 Pine 4.56
  • I rewrote part of the code that makes Pine select the smtp server so that the selection will be exclusive, this means that if sending with any of the servers listed under smtp-rules does not succeed, then no smtp server is used. Suggested by Robert Delius Royar.
May 06, 2003 Pine 4.55
  • Finally I added revese sort methods to the patch!!
October 17, 2002 Pine 4.44
  • Oh no!, a crash. This happened when one tried to start Pine as "pine". The bad thing was that I had fixed this bug before, but for all.patch, not for this patch. Anyway, now it's fixed everywhere.
October 02, 2002 Pine 4.44
  • Improved speed in the algorithm that saves messages automatically using rules, everything should be done very fast now.
September 7, 2002 Pine 4.44
  • Added a new function "_REXTRIM_" that works in a similar way as _TRIM_, but accepts as argument an extended regular expression. Based on a suggestion by Joel Boonstra
  • Improved help. Each variable now contains examples of how it can be used. Send me your examples!!!.
July 10, 2002 Pine 4.44
  • Added a new configuration variable called forward-rules, and three tokens, LCC, FORWARDFROM and FORWADADDRESS. Suggested by Murphy
January 14, 2002 Pine 4.43 & Pine 4.44
  • A bug was fixed which prevented the "save by last-folder-used" setting being used. Reported by Chris F.A. Johnson.
January 12, 2002 Pine 4.43 & Pine 4.44
  • There was a bug in the _ROLE_ token, which was not filled correctly. Reported by Oak Davis.
December 26, 2001 Pine 4.43
  • Move part of the code that selects the sort order to the function reset_sort_order().
December 21, 2001 Pine 4.43
  • Fixed a bug that made pine crash when the _NICK_ token is used in the index and there exists an addressbook with this nick in an imap server.
December 04, 2001 Pine 4.43
  • Fixed a bug that made pine crash when the _SAVE_ token was used. Reported by Stewart James
November 22, 2001 Pine 4.42
  • Patch updated for version 4.42
Oct 24, 2001 Pine 4.40
  • Finalized memory management improvement, at least for a while. Memory management has improved a lot since I started doing this.
November 16, 2001 Pine 4.41
  • Update patch for version 4.41
Oct 05, 2001 Pine 4.40
  • Now the patch is going in the direction of improving memory usage, this is the first improvement.
Oct 16, 2001 Pine 4.40
  • Memory usage has improved a lot in this new version of the patch.
Sept 26, 2001 Pine 4.40
  • A small bug, where the variable ps_global->new_sort appeared in the patch but had not been declared. Reported by Stewart James
Sept 26, 2001 Pine 4.40
  • A serious bug made Pine crash when no smtp-rule had been defined. Reported by Stewart James. Thanks a lot for your help!
August 07, 2001 Pine 4.33
  • Rewrite part of the code of the smtp-rules to make it allocate memory more consistently with the rest of the Patch.
Sept 06, 2001 Pine 4.40
  • Update the patch for version 4.40 (not released yet)
April 25, 2001 Pine 4.33
  • Add a few lines to the build script, so that if only the patch was downloaded, the script would offer to download the remaining files, rules.c and rules.h
April 10, 2001 Pine 4.33
  • Fix a bug which made the indent-reply-string not being copied correctly. I hate my compiler. Reported by Mohit Agarwal (thanks!!).
April 09, 2001 Pine 4.33
  • Add the _ROLE_ token. At this time it can only be used to reply messages. This addition was suggested by Trevor Jenkins.
April 05, 2001 Pine 4.33
  • The _TRIM_ function now can be used to trim strings from a subject when replying. This addition added after a post by Trevor Jenkins in comp.mail.pine
Mar 09, 2001 Pine 4.33
  • Introduce new function _RESTR_ (these last two functions I had them since the time of pine4.31, I had not gotten to put them into the new release).
Mar 12, 2001 Pine 4.33
  • Introduce new token _ADDRESSTO_ (this is an obvious token to add in order to complement _SMTP_)
Mar 08, 2001 Pine 4.33
  • Introduce new function _SMTP_.
Dec 28, 2000 Pine 4.31
  • Introduce new token _COLLECTION_ and new function _SIGNATURE_
Dec 18, 2000 Pine 4.31
  • Introduce the new token _FLAGS_ which allow you to move messages to other folders from your inbox based on the flags of the message. Suggested by Nicholas Horwood
Nov 19, 2000 Pine 4.30
  • Replace variable new-rules by new variables that indicate the usage of the rule. For example, "index-rule" or "reply-leadin-rule". It contains a faster algorithm now
Jun 07, 2000 Pine 4.21
  • Fix a bug in a function that may return a unitialized variable
Jun 01, 2000 Pine 4.21
  • Add a new token: ADDRESS for testing.
May 25, 2000 Pine 4.21
  • Fix a bug which made it to dump a core when INBOX was empty and the startup message was first
Apr 10, 2000 Pine 4.21
  • Fix a bug which made it not to recognize the current folder as inbox when saving automatically.
Apr 07, 2000 Pine 4.21
  • Fix a bug which made it not to change the folder where it saved automatically.
Apr 05, 2000 Pine 4.21
  • Fix a bug which made it not recognize empty subjects in the index-display
Mar 23, 2000 Pine 4.21
  • Added new configuration option auto-move-read-msgs-using-rules
Mar 22, 2000 Pine 4.21
  • Correct a bug added by the operative system (somehow a ^B character was inserted at the end of certain subject lines without any apparent reason)