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Make Alpine preserve To: and Cc: fields
Patch is available for version: alpine 2.00 alpine 2.01 alpine 2.10
When you reply to a message that has been sent to several recipients, some of them may have been added in different parts of the headers. For example, some of the recipients will be listed in the To: header, while others will be listed in the Cc: header.
If this feature is disabled, the default behavior of Alpine will be used, and that is, that almost all recipients of the message will be listed in the Cc: field. However, if you enable this feature, then, excepting you, recipients originally listed in the Cc: field will be listed again in the Cc: field, and those listed in the To: field in the original message will be listed in the To: field again. The person in the From: field will be added to the To: field.
Note that this will cause some messages that you send in Alpine to look different. In particular, the To: field of a message will not be put in the Cc: field, as is normally done. In fact, most people expect this to happen. If you find that this is a problem you should disable this feature. You can still make Alpine have this behavior on a per message basis. In order to do this, you will see a new option in the menu for the "Reply to all recipients?" question. In this case, pressing "p" will make Alpine toggle its question so you can preserve the To: and Cc: fields for that message.

Last Updated 20:43:23 MST Fri Jan 11 2013.