The following is a non complete list of updates of the patch that allows you to have one more flag available for your index.

Date Version Description
Mar 30, 2000 Pine 4.21 New Patch that allows you to add one more flag to your index.
Apr 05, 2000 Pine 4.21 Add the ability to redefine the name of the flags and 2 more flags.
Apr 10, 2000 Pine 4.21 Fix a bug, flags were not recorded when saving between folders.
Dec 13, 2000 Pine 4.31 Update patch for version 4.31, it adds a new feature which allows for deciding if a message marked with a custom flag should be moved or not upon quitting pine if the auto-move-read-msgs feature is enabled. Feature suggested by Nicholas Horwood
August 23, 2001 Pine 4.31 Correct a bug that made Pine crash if no flags were defined. Reported by Lenz Grimmer