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Delete incorrect passwords
Patch is available for version: alpine 1.99 alpine snapshot alpine 1.999 alpine 2.19.4 alpine 2.19.5 alpine 2.19.6 alpine 2.19.7 alpine 2.19.99 alpine 2.20.1 alpine 2.20.3 alpine 2.20.4 alpine 2.20.5
This patch improves Alpine by deleting wrong passwords from its cache. This is not an issue for most people, but it may become an issue if your server closes the connection after the first time that you enter a wrong password. In that situation Alpine enters into a loop in which you will never be able to open a connection to the server. More details about this loop are below.
What this patch does is to remove the wrong password from memory, allowing you to enter it again.
The reason why Alpine can fall into a loop that would not allow you to login to a server that closes the connection if the first attempt fails is because of two reasons;
  1. Alpine caches any password that is entered, and
  2. Alpine tries a password that finds in memory to open the connection.
The problem with this method is that if you enter the wrong password, then following 1, Alpine will cache the wrong password and the connection will be closed. Then the next time that you attempt to open the stream, because of 2, Alpine will try the wrong password, and therefore the connection will be closed, which makes Alpine enter into a loop that is not able to open the connection to the server.

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