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Choose a role when composing a message from a mailto: link
Patch is available for version: alpine snapshot alpine 0.82 alpine 0.83 alpine 0.98 alpine 0.99 alpine 0.999 alpine 0.9999 alpine 0.99999 alpine 0.999999 alpine 1.99 alpine 1.999 alpine 2.19.4 alpine 2.19.5 alpine 2.19.6 alpine 2.19.7 alpine 2.19.99 alpine 2.20.1 alpine 2.20.3 alpine 2.20.4 alpine 2.20.5 alpine 2.20.6 alpine 2.20.7 alpine 2.20.8 alpine 2.20.9 alpine 2.20.11 alpine 2.20.12 alpine 2.20.13 alpine 2.20.14 alpine 2.20.15 alpine 2.20.16 alpine 2.20.17 alpine 2.20.99 alpine 2.20.999 alpine 2.21.9 alpine 2.21.999 alpine 2.21.9999
This patch allows you to chose a role when the following conditions are met
  • You have enabled the option enable-msg-view-addresses.
  • You press RETURN over a selected address.
under these circumstances, Alpine will display in the menu in the bottom of the screen a new option R Set Role, which, when selected will show you a menu which you can use to select the role that you want to use to compose that message.
Observe that Alpine already selects a role for you based on the message or folder/newsgroup that you are in, so this is only useful if you want to override that selection.

Last Updated 23:46:54 MDT Mon Aug 13 2018.