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Changes from Alpine 0.99 to 0.999

New in Alpine 0.999

   Version 0.999 addresses bugs found in previous releases and has a few additions
   as well.

   Additions include:

     *  Configuration support for Tru64 and some fixes for other systems
     *  New color option Header General Color to color all headers in MESSAGE
        TEXT screen
     *  Added NONE color setting for Index symbols and Keyword colors so that
        the background color of a symbol can be set to not blot out the
        background color of an index line. There is also a similar NORM color
        that tracks the Normal Color
     *  New color options Index Subject Color and Index From Color options to
        color parts of MESSAGE INDEX lines
     *  Some improvements to Enable Incoming Folders Checking option,
        including new options Incoming Checking Includes Total, Incoming
        Checking Uses Recent, and Incoming Check Interval Secondary
     *  Eliminate address book sorting wars when two different systems sort
        an address book differently. Instead of checking that the address
        book is correctly sorted whenever it is opened the sorting will only
        happen when a change is made. The sort order you see is the sort
        order from the last system where a change was made.
     *  Added a new category of Rule called a Search Rule. A Search Rule has
        a Pattern but no Action is associated with that Pattern. It is used
        with the Select command in the MESSAGE INDEX screen to Select the set
        of messages that match a rule's Pattern.
     *  Added minor adjustment to display of opening text with Opening Text
        Separator Characters option. Display of opening text is controlled by
        configuring your Index Format option to include one of the Subject
        tokens that causes this behavior (SUBJECTTEXT, SUBJKEYTEXT, or
     *  Added tokens OPENINGTEXT and OPENINGTEXTNQ for use with the Index
        Format option. These are alternative ways to display the opening text
        of a message in the index screen.
     *  Added SHORTIMAPSTATUS token for the Index Format
     *  The default values of many features have been changed, exposing a
        more advanced user interface by default. In addition, though the
        names of features used in the configuration files remains the same,
        the displayed text in the Config screen is no longer tied directly to
        that name.
     *  Changed Windows Alpine so that it can show up in the list of default
        programs in Vista.

   Bugs that have been addressed in this release include:

     *  INBOX displayed twice in some situations when there was a folder
        named INBOX
     *  Crash in PC-Alpine related to traditional UNIX mailbox format
     *  Canceling out of the password prompt when opening an incoming folder
        was causing the re-open of a previously opened folder to fail
     *  News collection display empty after canceling out of password prompt
     *  Extra password prompt when adding incoming folder after canceling out
        of earlier password prompt
     *  Recognize and ignore XML processing instructions in HTML messages
     *  Window title was being set using Unicode characters instead of the
        local character set of the display terminal
     *  The option Busy Cue Spinner Only was displaying an oncoming
        two-engine airplane instead of a spinner
     *  Got rid of default green Subject header color added in 0.99
     *  Title Closed Color wasn't being shown when in the composer
     *  Disable-Input-History, which was added in previous version, is
        changed to Disable Save Input History and its effect is restricted to
        ambiguous situations, like Save
     *  Added missing input history command for Pipe Attachment
     *  Cannot open another folder after an empty directory is opened when
        Combined Folder Display and Expanded View of Folders options are set
     *  When answering No to the commit changes question after changing the
        Inbox Path the change was written to the config file anyway
     *  When the Threading Display Style results in the information being
        truncated add a thread depth indicator in brackets at the right hand