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Changes from Alpine 0.81 to 0.82

New in Alpine 0.82

   Version 0.82 addresses bugs found in previous releases and has a few additions
   as well.

   Additions include:

     *  PC-Alpine "View in New Window" command will now use a new window
        instead of reusing the existing window if the Ctrl key is held down
        while clicking (Sartain)
     *  Links in PC-Alpine viewing windows and IMAP telemetry window are
        selectable (Sartain)
     *  Attempted to improve password preserving behavior for Windows and
     *  Added transparent color for UNIX Alpine, explained a bit in Color
        Style help
     *  Added a some 24-hour clock SMARTDATETIME configuration options for
        dates in the Index Format option.
     *  Make it possible to enter long filenames at the Ctrl-J attachment
        prompts and the insert file prompt in the composer
     *  Allow more columns on screen for tiny fonts
     *  Added TogglePreferPlain toggle in message view screen (see Prefer
        Plain Text)
     *  (Experimental) There is a hotkey (Ctrl-Shift-E) in PC-Alpine text
        windows (IMAP telemetry, message view windows) to make the window
        ReadWrite. This might, for example, be useful as a clipboard window
        while composing in the main window.

   Bugs that have been addressed in this release include:

     *  Crash when removing last HEADER COLOR in Setup/Kolor
     *  Crash in Windows version when closing New Mail Window
     *  Crash in Windows version when selecting with mouse in New Mail window
        or IMAP Telemetry window
     *  Double free error in Keychain code
     *  Crash when both pthread and debugging are defined (the default) on
        some systems
     *  Crash caused by aggregate Bounce
     *  Copy and Copy Append didn't work in Windows version
     *  Display of text/html special characters was broken
     *  Improve index date display for bad dates
     *  Tab completion didn't work in some Save prompts
     *  Address book fullname encoding problems
     *  Address book display problems
     *  Address book problems when changing nicknames
     *  In PC-Alpine registry lookups of handlers for mime types (like
        APPLICATION/MSWORD) wasn't working correctly
     *  Non-ascii fullnames in Lcc field were not encoded correctly
     *  Mouse paste didn't work in PC-Alpine when entering text on the status
        line at the bottom, click caused Alpine to hang
     *  When editing filter with a Folder List there was a false complaint
        that an incoming folder didn't exist
     *  Reply delimiter wrong when replying to message with no Date header
     *  Some text attachments displayed with incorrect line breaks
     *  Improve code portability