The following is a non complete list of updates of the maildir patch

November 18, 2006 Pine 4.64
  • Fix a bug in the Courier driver that did not allow it to recognize the fcc folder when sending a message. Reported by Martin Andersson.
October 10, 2006 Pine 4.64
  • Fix a bug in the Courier driver that did not allow it to create non existent folders when trying to save a message to a non-existent folder.
April 03, 2006 Pine 4.64
  • Fixed several bugs reported by Dan Pollock and Michael Anttila, also added some improvements.
    1. Crash when a symbolic link in the new/ directorry exists.
    2. Do not update status of messages when viewing messages with full headers.
    3. Pine offers to remove messages in pruned-folders, instead of the folder to be pruned.
    4. New algorithm for rescaning a folder when there have been changes. Now scanning new/ is done at the beginning of the loop to avoid creating unnecessary messages in the folder which may be expunged in a later pass (e.g. in a call by mail_ping).
March 12, 2006 Pine 4.64
  • Fixed a bug which made Pine not copy all messages between two folders when one used the mailutil program to do so. The problem was that the patch assumed that all message were in the cur/ directory and so missed messages in the new/ directory. Reported by Guido Ostkamp. Thank you.
March 07, 2006 Pine 4.64
  • Fixed a crash which happens when duplicate messages (messages with the same base name) are in the folder, or when new messages arrive to a folder which contains names that are already in the folder. This should not happen, but I just learnt it does happen.
January 28, 2006 Pine 4.64
  • Extension of the algorithm to handle properly names generated by procmail when saving messages to a Maildir.
January 09, 2005 Pine 4.64
  • There was a bug that was triggered when one attempted to save a message in a maildir collection, which made Pine not to do anything when a folder name was entered in the save prompt. Reported by Philip Hallstrom.
November 21, 2005 Pine 4.64
  • There was a bug reported in comp.mail.pine which explains that Pine could crash if a message was expunged. This was due to a bug in the sorting algorithm of a folder.
August 03, 2005 Pine 4.63
  • The courier_list_work function was not listing single mailboxes when it was requested to do so due to a missing "mm_list" call. Reported by Andrew Deason, who also submitted a patch.
May 06, 2005 Pine 4.63
  • The support for #mc/ collection was incomplete and I added the missing support. Without this support normal operations could have resulted in loss of e-mail. Upgrade your patch.
May 03, 2005 Pine 4.63
  • Added support for folder names like INBOX.Drafts, which the patch did not have. Suggested by David Coppit.
April 07, 2005 Pine 4.62
  • Added support for the Courier/Cyrus file system.
February 14, 2005 Pine 4.62
  • C-Client did not compute the size of all messages before it exported a folder, failing to export it. Now it does :).
January 31, 2005 Pine 4.62
  • Speed improvement in the code that parses a folder. Now it wastes less time computing (rfc822) sizes of messages, which makes Pine open a folder more quickly.
January 18, 2005 Pine 4.61
  • Fix a problem which could make Pine report "mail/xxx does not exist", when selecting folders in the #md/ collection.
November 30, 2004 Pine 4.61
  • Add support for change of base name based on adding size information. I think this could have made Pine crash, but I have never received such report, so I am adding it just in case.
November 18, 2004 Pine 4.61
  • Fix a bug introduced during the last speed improvement which made Pine not parse a date, which in turn could cause problems when exporting/copying messages.
November 15, 2004 Pine 4.61
  • A few speed improvements, which will make Pine open a folder faster.
August 26, 2004 Pine 4.61
  • Fixed a bug that made Pine crash when a message was saved to the folder but instead of being saved to the new/ directory it would be saved to the cur/ directory. This is done by Courier when it saves a message to the Trash folder, so if the Trash folder is opened while you expunge a message from INBOX, there is a chance that Pine will crash (it depends on some other factors too, but this is the main one). Reported by Vadim Nosovsky.
August 18, 2004 Pine 4.61
  • Fixed a bug that made Pine crash when two sessions access the same maildir mailbox and one of them removed and expunges a message, and the other tries to read it. Reported by Vadim Nosovsky.
August 06, 2004 Pine 4.61
  • Added an enhanced algorithm for sorting files when opening a maildir.
  • Added support for the fast recent test, which checks if a folder has new messages and does not care how many new messages there are.
August 02, 2004 Pine 4.61
  • A very bad bug was found by Matthew Zahoric, and it causes corruption of data (elt data) when a new message arrives to a folder. The corruption occurs actually during the rescan of the cur directory.
July 29, 2004 Pine 4.61
  • Added support for recursive creation of direcories in a maildir collection (so you can create the folder this/is/an/example directly without having to create the directories "this", "is" and "an" and later create the folder "example").
July 27, 2004 Pine 4.61
  • Support for the creation of directories in a maildir collection was broken. Reported by Anders Hellgren.
  • Added support for dual use mailboxes. Suggested by Anders Hellgren.
July 22, 2004 Pine 4.61
  • Basic support for hidden folder was added. This was requested by several people.
  • Rewrote some code so that scanning directories will be less frequent.
July 19, 2004 Pine 4.61
  • A bug that would reset the number of recent messages to 0 and then to a big unsigned long number was reported by Arnol Cavazos Jr. A fix was made to the patch so that this wouldn't happen.
May 15, 2004 Pine 4.60
  • A speed improvement in the function that sorts folders according to their name was made. This improvement is more notorious in folders that contain many messages that have been saved at the same time (making aggregate operations).
May 10, 2004 Pine 4.58
  • A crashing bug when Pine attempted to remove an incoming folder in maildir format was found by Anders Hellgren. The crash was due to the fact that I was dereferencing a NULL stream pointer.
April 27, 2004 Pine 4.58
  • Lots of updates to the patch. The main idea of the updates is to make the associated imap server work with any client. This is not a minor undertaking, and probably changes like this will keep coming in the next few days.
April 23, 2004 Pine 4.58
  • Update to the patch so that the associated imapd server will work nicely. This is still work in progress, but I have fixed a couple of misbehaviors:
    1. Flags changes get reported only when they occur (flag management is a central theme on maildir, since the filename that must be renamed can change names under the rug, with or without our knowledge).
    2. Getting the status of a mailbox does not alter its status (this means messages do not get moved from /new to /cur).
April 22, 2004 Pine 4.58
  • Speed improvement when opening a folder. The maildir driver used to pass twice by the maildir_ping_core function, now it does only once and now we added a new maildir_parse_folder which does very basic parsing of the folder (even less that maildir_fast!).
  • Add a way to configure Pine which is specially useful for sites that put the Maildir INBOX in directories other than the Maildir directory. The option is called "maildir-location".
  • Fix a couple of bugs in concurrent access in regards to flag management.
April 21, 2004 Pine 4.58
  • Fix a bug in the maildir_list function which made it not recognize the root maildir directory, it would not recognize also arguments to the LIST command, like "%" or "*". Now it should work fine.
April 19, 2004 Pine 4.58
  • Notorious improvement in the management of memory. In old versions of this patch, Pine used to keep the whole text of the message in memory. Doing this slows down Pine considerably, specially if the folder is big (either there are big messages or too many messages in it), now Pine does not keep the messages in memory, which will make it look faster.
  • Fix a bug which did not allow Pine to recognize that it had opened the postponed messages folder and therefore failed to continue postponing the selected message (this is when the maildir/ collection is the default collection).
April 15, 2004 Pine 4.58
  • Add support for renaming/removing/adding maildir folders to the mail/ collection.
April 13, 2004 Pine 4.58
  • Patch has been modified in many ways to improve its initial performance. I will try to update this list as changes happen.