While trying to set up the combination of combined-folder-display and expanded-view-of-folders, I noticed that pine can get confused when I try to open folders that are in a context other that the one that I was in when I hit "L". I'm including a patch that should fix the problem.

The confusion is that pine tries to open the selected folder from the previous context, rather than trying to open it from the context that it is truly in. This makes the combined, expanded folder list nearly useless.

As an example, I have folder collections:

folder-collections="~/mail" mail/[],
"IMAP Folders" {mit.edu/hesiod/imap}INBOX.[],
"MH Folders" #mh/[]

If I'm reading a "#mh/[]" folder, go to the folder lister, and try to select an imap folder (named "Saved"), pine gives me the error message:

[Can't open mailbox #mh/Saved: no such folder]

The error message is correct -- there is no folder #mh/Saved, there is only a {mumble/imap}INBOX.Saved . Note that I selected the name "Saved[.]" from the IMAP folder section of the combined folder lister, and not the MH folder section.

The error only occurs on folder list entries that are both directories and folders, and the simplest cause seems to be because the "case MC_OPENFLDR" in folder.c's folder_processor() neglects to set the overall context to the selection's context before allowing pine to try to open the selected folder.

Applying the following patch to folder.c removes this bug from the combined expanded folder lister, by setting the overall context to the context of the highlighted folder when the MC_OPENFLDR menu command is invoked.

Jacob Morzinski jmorzins@mit.edu