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PGP in Pine
Versions of pine the patch is available for: pine 4.33
I am starting to develop a patch for Pine that will make it work with PGP. At this time I can only test the patch in my machine and with GPG (version 1.0.4). Now follows a description on how the patch works:
In order to enable pgp-support, you must apply the patch, recompile pine and
[X] enable-pgp-message-handling

if you disable this feature, it's the same as having not applied the patch at all. Then go towards the bottom of your configuration and define the variables:
gpg-path =
gpg-decrypt-command = .
The first variable defines the location of gpg in your system (there's no default), the second one defines the command that must be applied in order to decrypt a message. There is a default, which is: %s --output %s --no-secmem-warning --yes --decrypt %s
where the first %s is the value of the path of the variable gpg-path, and the second and third %s correspond to the input and output file, which must have the same name. Whatever be your definition, you must have those 3 %s, and they must mean the same as in the above command.
One easy way to overcome this restriction, and therfore to give you the freedom of choosing your own decryption command, is that you can write a small script to decrypt your messages. And so, define gpg-path = /full/path/to/your/script and define gpg-decrypt-command to be gpg-decrypt-command = %s %s %s, where the last %s is redundant and can be ignored by your script. Here there is a sample script.
At this time, you can only do decryption, no encription is supported yet. I would like to have enough feedback about this part, finish it completely and move on towards the encryption part.
If you decide to test this patch please send me all feedback that you can think of, so that it can be improved. I am open to changing anything for a better experience with the patch.

Last Updated 12:54:17 PDT Tue Jun 26 2001.