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Disable your mbox driver through an IMAP connection
Versions of pine the patch is available for: pine 4.31 pine 4.33

The information in the last paragraph is the information valid for version 4.31, the information below is valid for any other version.
In this version a new way to disable drivers exists. If you apply this patch, you need to create a file called ".driverc" (= .driver + rc), and add lines that contain the following information:

where server is the full name of the server or a "*", driver is the name of the driver and action is either "enable" or "disable". Here there is a sample file.
Also notice that you need to replace your old imapd version by this new one and run Pine jointly with this one. The patch also overrides whatever you have defined in your disable-these-drivers variables in the .pinerc, and even if you do not define this variable, the definitions in this file are considered as the last instance about enabling or disabling a specific driver.
Information for version 4.31: For version 4.31 the patch allows you to disable the mbox driver when reading e-mail through imap also. If this patch is applied all you need to do is create an empty file called .mbox.disable. After you do that, messages won't be transfered to your mbox file even if it exists and it is in unix format. Notice that if you read messages from the spool, you do not need this patch, you instead need to set the variable "disable-these-drivers=mbox" in your .pinerc file.

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