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Fix a bug that makes Pine change the color of all text in html messages
Patch is available for version: pine 4.58
This patch fixes a bug in Pine which makes Pine write the screen in a different color than intended. What triggers the bug is a html message that has a <BR> in the text of the anchor tag. When this happens, the following piece of code may trigger the bug:
<A HREF="www.someplace.somewhere.comic">Text <BR>
Some more text </A>
Some text here <A HREF="www.someplace.somewhere.comic">text </A>
The bug is produced when you move from the first to the secod link. If, say, you have made highlight those links in red, then when you go to the index you will only see red letters, which is undesirable.
I've been able to reproduce the bug as far back as Pine4.44.

Last Updated 13:59:53 PDT Fri Sep 12 2003.