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Bug in the justification algorithm
Versions of pine the patch is available for: pine 4.44
This patch fixes a bug in the code that justifies paragraphs. The code for justification breaks on the third level of indentation. This means the following. Enter into the reply-indent-string configuration option a single character string. In order to make the test easy enter ">". Now quit Pine and restart it. Try to justify text that contains three consecutive > characters and the algorithm will break. There are other cases where it will break. For example if you try to justify the following text:
(the first > character is the reply-indent-string, the next is any character the next one is the reply-indent-string and the next one is any other character)
I always obtained:
When trying to justify a three levels of indentations, it would justify as if nobody had written a code to make it support several levels of justification), and if I tried to undo it, it would add more text than what it was supposed to (it would duplicate text). That was a mess!. This patch fixes these three bugs.
On a more technical note, what the original function tries to do is to justify paragraphs that are indented by the same indent-string. For example, if your indent-string is ":)", then it will justify paragraphs indented with that character only, no matter how many levels of indentation there are. However, when you reply to a message that uses a more standard string like ">", this code will fail to justify, because it won't see the ":) >" combination, only ":) " or ":) :) ". If you are interested in justifying non standard characters, use the patch described here.

Last Updated 16:00:56 PDT Tue Jul 16 2002.