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Fix a bug that makes Pine give wrong messages in dual folders
Patch is available for version: pine 4.61
A dualfolder is a folder which is in itself a directory. This is the typical situation in the maildir format, where folders contain messages and can also contain other folders.
When this happens, the folder can be displayed as a folder and directory or listed separated from the directory. This is controlled by setting separate-folder-and-directory-entries.
The problem can be reproduced when you attempt to remove either the folder or the directory. Under some circumstances (folder opened, or the cursor over the directory), Pine will ask you if you want to remove one, but will remove the other!. Of course this is quite undesirable, so this patch fixes this.
Another minor problem that is fixed by this patch is that whenever you remove either a directory or a folder, say called "test", you are always told that Folder "test" deleted., which is confusing in the case that you removed a directory.

Last Updated 10:30:35 PDT Thu Jul 29 2004.