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Delete paragraphs and much more...
Versions of pine the patch is available for: pine 4.10 pine 4.21 pine 4.44
Notice that all of these features are included in the fillpara patch in version 4.64.
This patch allows you to delete paragraphs. All you have to do is to put the cursor anywhere in the paragraph and type two keystrokes: ^J^D. You can recover the original paragraph pressing ^U. The default, however is not this behavior. You have to activate it from the configuration. You have to activate enable-composite-command in order to do so, otherwise ^J will be used to Justify as it does by default. The Justify command was remaped to ^J^J. The advantage of this approach is that you can always switch between the old behavior and the new one, if you don't really like this, besides the fact that new more sub-commands can be added to pine this way.
Patch added subcommands to go to the beginning and end of a paragraph (only for 4.10, as is not necessary for 4.21). You can use ^J^@ to go back a word.

Last Updated 13:28:40 PDT Tue Sep 10 2002.