The following is a non complete list of updates of the patch that sends messages from the command line.

March 17, 2008 Alpine 1.00
  • Change the behavior of Alpine when it does not find some configuration files. The new behavior is that Alpine will exit if no configuration files are found. The old behavior was that it was enough not to have some configuration files in order for alpine to exit.
February 27, 2008 Alpine 1.00
  • Fixed a bug that made Alpine go into an infinite loop in the case that an attachment was sent through the command line.
Feb 24, 2000 Pine 4.21
  • Added patch for os.c. Pine will create a fake screen in order to send a message
Nov 10, 2000 Pine 4.30
  • Added a few lines to prevent Pine to write unwanted messages to the screen and stop it to hang for alarm system calls
Dec 01, 2000 Pine 4.30
  • Fixed a bug which made Pine not to respond when no recipient was specified. Reported by Jeffrey Holton
Dec 01, 2000 Pine 4.30
  • Fixed a bug which made Pine not to respond when the addressbook is located in a remote server. Reported by Scott Leibrand
Dec 02, 2000 Pine 4.30
  • Added a feature that now allows to select a role for composing. This is done through executing a list of keystrokes, whose last instruction is ^X,y.
Dec 07, 2000 Pine 4.31
  • A bug was introduced because a variable was renamed. Fixed (pbuf to pbf)
Feb 15, 2001 Pine 4.33
  • The role support was completely broken, there was no support at all. I don't know why I thought so. In any case, now I have added a very basic role support, which should allow to send messages using roles. Hopefully this support is enough for most purposes. Reported by Chris F.A. Johnson.
May 08, 2001 Pine 4.33
  • There was a small bug in role support. When the user asks to confirm that they do not want to use a role, Pine went in an infinite loop. The solution was to disable this confirmation, meaning that a role must be explicitly called in order to use it.
Sept 06, 2001 Pine 4.40
  • Update of the patch for version 4.40 (not released yet)
November 16, 2001 Pine 4.41
  • Update patch for version 4.41
November 22, 2001 Pine 4.42
  • Patch updated for version 4.42
January 09, 2001 Pine 4.44
  • Patch updated for version 4.44
June 26, 2003 Pine 4.56
  • Fix a bug that made Pine not attach files with the correct MIME type description. Reported by Bill Hunter
September 17, 2003 Pine 4.58
  • Some systems do not define EXIT_FAILURE anymore, making Pine fail while it builds. Fixed by adding a define for EXIT_FAILURE. This will probably change in the next release.
October 12, 2003 Pine 4.58
  • Fixed the EXIT_FAILURE problem by changing the exit code to 1.
  • Now sending through the command line will allow you to use your sending filters, if any. Pine will send using only the first filter. You need to enable [X] compose-send-offers-first-filter.