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Define your own rules and make Alpine flexible!

In the first image below you can see a session of Alpine that shows the from, subject and opening text information. You can see that it is not very useful.

In the index below, the subject of the message appears in yellow, but it is mostly taken by the list name. One could allocate more space to the subject field, so one could read more of the subject, but this would make the next field shorter, which is the field that contains a preview of the message.

Another important matter shows that the reply leadin text appears on many of the messages, making the opening text not give relevant information.

    Don Sullivan       Re: [Alpine-alpha] On Fri, 7 Sep 2007, Dario wrote: FWIW, I found I

In the second image you can see a session of Alpine that shows the same information but has been processed by replace rules. You can see that the information is much more useful in this case.

    Don Sullivan           |-Re: SunOS 5. FWIW, I found I needed to build/install Brian Ke