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Color text in the index screen
Patch is available for version: alpine 2.00 alpine 2.01 alpine 2.10
This patch allows you to configure the color of every token in the MESSAGE INDEX screen. For example, Alpine allows you to configure the color of the subject, but not the color of the date. This patch allows you to configure those tokens (like DATE) for which an option to configure their displayed color does not exist already. In case a token is configurable without this patch (say the Subject color), then adding this patch will not override that configuration, even if you tried to override it by explicitly configuring such token (that is, the Subject).
In order to configure the color of a token, from the main screen press S K and press the I IndxHdr, and add the name of the token you want to configure. For purposes of illustration, enter DATE, then you will see a new configuration line that says
Index Token DATE Color     [Sample ]
After this you can configure the color for the DATE token, in the same way that you configure any other color in this screen.
The configured color for the DATE token takes effect immediately. Of course, do not forget that you must be using the DATE token in your index format to see the effect of this configuration.

Last Updated 20:43:26 MST Fri Jan 11 2013.