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Fix a bug in the threading algorithm
Patch is available for version: alpine 2.00 alpine 2.01
When a folder is sorted by thread, information from the headers is considered to establish which messages are parents of the messages in the folder. Some of this information is recorded in headers such as in-reply-to, or references. However, in some instances some messages contain one of these headers, but not the other. The rule according to RFC 5256 is that when the references header is not present then the value of the in-reply-to header must be used (see page 7 in RFC 5256).
Alpine, however, does not use the value of the in-reply-to header if a message without references header is found in an IMAP server. In that case, an empty references header is used to find the parent-child relationship
The part of the code that produces the bug is found when Alpine fills a structure with the information required to compute the thread. This is done by using overview information (this is a very limited information about the message, which does not contain the in-reply-to header, since such header does not exist in nntp).
This patch fixes this problem by allowing the use of the in-reply-to header in the case that the driver is not nntp.

Last Updated 13:20:50 CDT Fri Jul 08 2011.