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Update the status line information
Patch is available for versions: alpine 1.00 alpine 1.10 alpine 2.00 alpine 2.01 alpine 2.10 alpine 2.11 alpine 2.20 alpine 2.21
This patch makes pico update information in the status line after the ^C key has been pressed. Usually pico does not update information about the line you are working on after pressing this key. For example if you press ^C and pico tells you that you are in line 1, when pressing ^V (to move down a page) pico will still tell you that you are in line 1. This patch corrects this behavior for some commands (all arrow keys, ^V, ^Y, ^P, ^N, ^B, ^A, ^E, ^K, ^U, ^D). If you get tired of seeing the status line being updated you can return to the old behavior by pressing ^C once again.

Last Updated 16:15:25 MST Sun Feb 05 2017.