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Fix a bug that makes Pico wrap incorrectly long words
Patch is available for version: alpine 2.01
Most files contain strings that make short words, like this one, or most that you will find in your life. For this type of files, there is no need for this patch. The problem that this patch is trying to solve is what happens when "words" are too long. In the case that strings do not contain spaces for 255 consecutive characters this bug will appear.

One case when this behavior is undesirable is when one tries to justify text that has a very long url (such as one that comes in comercial e-mail), then justifying such text would destroy the url. This is probably undesirable (or at least unexpected) behavior.

I found this problem when I tried to justify a file which contains a string of 255 or more numbers with no space in between. These were binomial coefficients for a high power (2049). In this case these coefficients would be broken among different lines during justification when they contained more than 255 digits, so these numbers would be broken, the first 255 digits would appear in one line, the rest in another line.

The corruption of data that is caused was not acceptable in my view, which made me write a small patch to fix it.

This patch is not compatible with the fillpara patch, that is, there will be hunks that will fail after applying both patches. In this case, apply the patches manually, or contact me for help on how to apply both of them. Both patches are applied in all.patch.

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