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Make Pico only warn once about a file with long lines
Patch is available for version: alpine 2.01 alpine 2.10 alpine 2.11
When you open a file in Pico, it warns about the file having long lines. Unfortunately, this warning is displayed and redisplayed for evey long line that the file being edited has. If a file has many long lines, this will consume a long a mount of time. For example, a file with 1000 long lines will take about 40 seconds for Pico to be ready to edit the file. Most of that time is spent in displaying the message "File has long line" that while informative, it probably needs to be displayed only once and not 1000 times. For example, using this patch, the file that took 40 seconds to open, only took 8 seconds for Pico to be ready to edit.

Last Updated 14:50:22 MDT Sun Aug 11 2013.