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Use the search command to search backward in Pico
Patch is available for version: alpine 2.10 alpine 2.11
The CTRL-W command can be used to search for a string; however, sometimes it is desirable to search backwards. For example, if it is known that the string searched for is around the end of the file, then one could move to the end of the file, and do a backwards search, instead of a forward search if there are too many appearances of that string between your current position in the file and the string being searched for.
With this patch, the CTRL-W command will have a new subcommand, CTRL-P, which when pressed, can be used to change the direction of the search. The process to replace a string using the search command is not affected, and works for forward and backward search.
The only difference between a forward and a backward replacement is that the cursor is positioned at the beginning of the replaced string after a backward replacement, whereas it is positioned after the end of the replaced string in a forward search.

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