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Write accents in Alpine
Patch is available for versions: alpine 1.00 alpine 1.10 alpine 2.00 alpine 2.01 alpine 2.10 alpine 2.11 alpine 2.20 alpine 2.21
This patch allows you to write many kind of accents in Alpine and pico. You can write characters like á. Each character is introduced using a consistent combination of keystrokes. The first keystroke is always "^\". Then you write the kind of accent you want to write and finally the letter over which you want the accent to be written, so á would be written ^\'a. Other special characters such as ß, ø and £ can be input too using special combinations described below.
Note that you need to set your character-set variable to a value different than US-ASCII (for example, you can set it to ISO-8859-1), otherwise this patch will not work (thanks to Haroon Rafique by suggesting to add this paragraph).
The following is the complete list of characters added in this patch:
  • áéíóúÁÉÍÓÚýÝ (press ^\' char)
  • àèìòù ÀÈÌÒÙ (press ^\` char)
  • äëïöü ÄËÏÖÜ (press ^\" char) (the ¨ character was suggested by Andreas Prilop)
  • âêîôûÂÊÎÔÛ (press ^\^ char)
  • ãÃõÕñÑ (press ^\~ char)
  • å (press ^\o a), Å (press ^\o A), ® (press ^\o r), © (press ^\o c)
  • ç Ç(press ^\, char)
  • ¡ (press ^\ \ !, or ^\ !), ¿ (press ^\ \ ?, or ^\ ?)
  • ß (press ^\s) (suggested and patched by Chuck Durfee)
  • £ (press ^\l)
  • ø Ø(press ^\o/ or ^\ / o)
  • º (press ^\- o), ª (press ^\- a), £ (press ^\- l)
  • ° (press ^\^ 0); ¹ (press ^\ ^ 1), ² (press ^\ ^ 2), ³ (press ^\ ^ 3)
  • æ (press ^\a e)
Note: Although pico search style is case insensitive, the patch will always differentiate between á and Á. You can use this behavior to leave "marks" in selected places in your file and return to them later.
Also, some accents can be written in reverse order, so á can be input as ^\'a or ^\a'.

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