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Setting Up Alpine with Gmail

Acknowledgement: Most of the text and images in these directions were contributed by Dr. Mark Caprio, as I could not go through them. Dr. Caprio took the time to write most of the text and create most of the images that you will see in this page.

Before you can use Alpine, you must tell Google that you want to register an app with them. Head onto and login in to your account.

Login Screen to Console.Developers.Google.Com

The first time you are there, you will have to accept their terms, etc. This will take to your dashboard which looks as follows.

Your initial screen

Select "Create project" at the top right. You will have to give the project a "Project name". What you choose for this doesn't matter, e.g., "alpine". If you are using Alpine as an internal you may also have to select your G-Suite "Organization" and "Location". Click Create after filling up these fields.

Creating a Project

In the Dashboard screen, go to the "OAuth consent screen" tab. The first page you are presented with will be very simple. You will be asked to choose the "User Type". Select "Internal" for a G-Suite account, and "External" for a personal email account, then hit "Create".

Select INTERNAL or EXTERNAL in this screen

This will take you to a second, more extensive screen. In order to proceed, you have to give the application an "Application name". Again, what you choose for this doesn't matter, e.g., "alpine". Then, hit "Save".

The consent screen

In the dashboard, go to "Credentials" tab. Click on "+ Create credentials" at the top of the page, and select "OAuth client ID".

Now it is time to create credentials

This will take you to a page entitled "Create OAuth client ID". You will have to select an "Application type", for which "Desktop app" appears to be the most suitable choice. Then you will have to select a "Name" for the client. What you choose for this doesn't matter, either, e.g., "alpine", or the default "Desktop client 1". Hit "Create".

Input app information

This will take you to a window entitled "OAuth client created", which will provide you with "Your Client ID" and "Your Client Secret". Both these are long strings. Use the clipboard to copy them into your Alpine configuration.

Success We got an ID and Secret!

Saving the Client-Id and Client-Secret

From the Alpine main menu, select S for "SETUP", then U to set the "xoaUth2" configuration. Use C "Change value" to paste in the new "Client ID" and "Client Secret" which you just obtained from Google.

Now you are ready to continue to the last step in this process, which is Authorizing Alpine to read your email in Gmail.
You are in Home > Miscellaneous > XOAUTH2 > Registering Alpine with Gmail