The following is a non complete list of updates of the patch that makes Pine successfuly compile for Cygwin.
April 20, 2003 Pine 4.58
  • Update tha fixes a few compilation bugs, due to changes in gcc.
September 26, 2003 Pine 4.58
  • Updated to version 4.58.
May 06, 2003 Pine 4.55
  • Updated to version 4.55.
October 7, 2002 Pine 4.44
  • Hack to make Pine paint the screen correctly in the in the cygwin terminal. The additions find where the problems occur in this terminal and adds a condition to test if we are in this terminal, so that we can avoid the problem.
April 18, 2002 Pine 4.44
  • The imapd server did not set the path to the inbox correctly. The problem has not been solved in a clean way, but it seems to be solved, so far.
April 03, 2002 Pine 4.44
  • I take it back again, the real reason why Pine crashed when invoked under cmd.exe, was that the termcap definition of cygwin was too long to fit in the allocated space of 1024 characters, so the change now was to allocate more space for this variable. The new length is 1024*2.
April 02, 2002 Pine 4.44
  • Take it back, now we've changed vt100 to xterm so that page-up and page-down work.
March 19, 2002 Pine 4.44
  • Add code that makes Pine run on the cygwin screen, by making a temporary switch to a vt100 term.
March 11, 2002 Pine 4.44
  • Patch released