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This page contains links to information on patches that have been either integrated into Alpine, or that have not been updated recently. The list of patches for the last release of Alpine is always in our main page.

The following is a list of available patches. Click on a link in order to read the explanation of what the patch does and go to download it.

The numbers in brackets [X.YZ] indicate the last available version of the respective patch.

  • New Features (not updated)
    • [2.00]Allow non utf-8 piped input in Alpine (more...)
    • [1.99]Make Alpine preserve To: and Cc: fields (more...)
    • [1.99]Add the _ADDRESS_ token to a sending filter (more...)
    • [1.99]Delete incorrect passwords (more...)
    • [1.99]Configure ignoring change in size of a message (more...)
    • [1.99]Get the number of characters in a composed message (more...)
    • [1.99]Send help links through e-mail (more...)
    • [1.99]Get the quota report from an IMAP server (more...)
    • [1.99]Select messages by the content of an arbitrary header (more...)
    • [1.99]Paint special text in the body of the message in any custom color (more...)
    • [1.99]Choose a role when composing a message from a mailto: link (more...)
    • [1.99]Change your From Header without any effort! (more...)
    • [1.99]New Menu for the Reply Command (more...)
    • [1.99]Tab checks for new mail in cycles (more...)
    • [1.99]Update the status line information (more...)
    • [1.99]Reinsert the pattern in search (more...)
    • [1.99]Delete Until the end of file (more...)
  • Old Patches
    • (Added to 0.999) Get the number of new messages upon opening a folder (more...)
    • (Added to 0.9999) Add Regular Expressions Support to Alpine (more...)
    • (Fixed in 0.9999) Fix a bug that makes Alpine not consider SHORTIMAPSTATUS as IMAPSTATUS (more...)
    • (Fixed in 0.9999) Fix a bug that makes Pico set the modified flag incorrectly (more...)
    • (Fixed in 0.99999) Fix a bug that makes Alpine lose the state of the utf8 filter (more...)
    • (Fixed in 0.99999) Fix a bug in Pico which makes it not update the screen (more...)
    • (Fixed in 0.99999) Fix a memory leak in Alpine (more...)
    • (Fixed in 0.999999) Fix a bug in the index display (more...)
    • (Fixed in 1.00) Fix a bug while decoding headers (more...)

If you need directions on how to apply a patch for Alpine please read the FAQ. Please let me know any remarks you have about any patch for Alpine in this page.
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