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Welcome! The purpose of this page is to offer a collection of patches for alpha releases of the mail and news program Alpine, in order to add new or missing features or fix small bugs. Usual disclaimers about suitability for any purpose or any express guarantee apply. This means that you have to use these patches at your own risk. Having said that, I use and actively support most of the patches in this web page, see below.

Alpha releases of alpine are available for a worldwide audience. You can subscribe to the alpine alpha mailing list to receive announcements of new releases, or request new features, or report bugs.

Additionally, access to the latest snapshot is available by running the command

svn checkout

In case you don't know what a patch is, or why you would care about one, read my FAQ on patches.

Last updated 16:34:14 MDT Mon Jun 29 2020.

Now we have made available updates of this web site via XML/RSS feeds at

All patches for Alpine in this page are for version 1.999, but most of them are available for older versions also (click on each link below to find out if the patch that you are interested in is available for an older version of Alpine). Also, there are many patches that are only available for older versions of Alpine. The full list of old patches includes new features, bug/security fixes and contributed patches, is a forever growing list.

The following is a list of available patches. Click on a link in order to read the explanation of what the patch does and to download it.

  • New Patches
    • [2.00]Mark messages to you that are part of a group message using a special symbol (more...)
    • [2.00]Encrypt your password file using a personal certificate (more...)
    • Fix a bug that makes Alpine not build when SMIME is enabled (more...)
    • Fix a bug that makes Alpine ignore the week day of a preftime token (more...)
  • Most Popular Patches
    • [1.99]Maildir patch for Alpine (more...)
    • [1.99]Enhanced Fancy Thread Interface (more...)
    • [1.99]Cygwin Version of Alpine (more...)
    • [1.99]Reflow, paint different quote levels and remove quoted text in Alpine. Justify or delete paragraphs in Pico (more...)  [Cool]
    • [1.99]Use Alpine to send e-mail from the command line (more...)
    • [1.99]Define your own rules and make Alpine flexible! (more...)  [UPDATED]
    • [1.99]Write accents in Alpine (more...)
  • New Features
  • Bug Fixes
    • Automatically update the index screen when using the SMARTDATE token (more...)
    • Fix a bug that makes Alpine not show a login prompt (more...)
    • Fix a bug that makes Alpine not give a correct new mail message (more...)
    • Fix a bug that sends Alpine in an infinite loop (more...)
    • Fix a memory leak in Alpine (more...)
    • Fix a bug in the threading algorithm (more...)
    • Fix a bug that makes Alpine crash when the screen is resized (more...)
    • Do not reopen a folder that is meant to be closed (more...)
    • Parse environment variables correctly (more...)
    • Fix the type of a .docx document (more...)
    • Parse out white space in addresses (more...)
    • Force update of the index screen after adding an address to the addressbook (more...)
    • Fix a bug that makes Alpine crash when opening a unix type folder (more...)
    • Fix a bug that makes Alpine crash when suspending it (more...)
    • Fix a bug in Alpine that makes it not to set a flag in a filtered message (more...)
    • Fix a bug in Pico and Pilot that makes them crash for bad locale information (more...)
    • Fix a bug that makes Alpine not to give a warning if the Newsgroup header is present (more...)
  • [1.99]All of the above :) (more...)

If you need directions on how to apply a patch for Alpine please read the FAQ. Please let me know any remarks you have about any patch for Alpine in this page.
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