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Questions about Alpine?

After consulting the documentation, if you have questions or problems using, installing, or configuring Alpine, auxiliary programs, or the system Alpine runs on, please contact the support staff at your school/employer/Internet Service Provider.

You may find the answer to your problem using the searchable index of the Alpine site or the message archives of the Alpine-Info mailing list. Note, however, that many perceived "Alpine-problems" may actually have nothing to do with Alpine itself, but may be caused by problems in the system running Alpine. Only your local computer support will be able to ascertain and correct the cause.

Alpine is now used by millions of people around the world. We receive no funding to support anyone outside the University of Washington.

While we welcome comments, bug reports, or suggestions, we regret that we cannot provide support to individuals who are not affiliated with the University of Washington.


To send us comments, bug reports, or suggestions for improving Alpine or the Alpine Messaging System Web site, use the online form.

We read all incoming messages. With limited exceptions, messages from individuals who are not affiliated with the University of Washington will not be answered.