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Changes from Alpine 1.10 to 2.00

New in Alpine 2.00

   Additions include:

     *  Redesigned Web Alpine interface
     *  Experimental S/MIME support added in UNIX versions of Alpine
     *  Attempt to include the attachment filename as part of the name
        of the temporary file used when viewing an attachment with an
        external program. Add some randomness to that filename to make
        it hard to predict the filename. Add a filename extension,
        usually derived from the type/subtype, to the temporary
        filename. This was previously done only on Windows and MacOS
     *  Enhance address completion in the composer (TAB command) so
        that it looks through nicknames, fullnames, and addresses from
        the address book; addresses from the message being viewed, if
        any; and the results from LDAP Directory Server lookups for
        all of the defined directory servers that have the
        "Use-Implicitly-From-Composer" feature set.
     *  Make the default character set setting more liberal in what it
        will accept from the UNIX nl_langinfo call and the various
        values of LANG seen in the wild
     *  Remove the Alpine revision number from the titlebar in released
        versions while leaving it there in snapshot versions
     *  Add a feature to suppress the display of asterisks when you
        type a password for Alpine
     *  Add line wrapping when displaying PRE formatted sections of HTML
     *  When the Convert Dates To Localtime feature is turned on
        convert not only the dates in the index screen but also the dates
        in the MESSAGE VIEW

   Bugs that have been addressed in this release include:

     *  Crash when using tab-completion for selecting a Save filename
     *  Make Web Alpine help text images relative for more portability
     *  Fixed attach save of html parts in Web Alpine
     *  Viewing, printing, exporting, replying, and bouncing of message
        digests was broken.  Replying and bouncing should not have
        been allowed at all for digests. It would be nice to have a
        more standard index-like view of a message digest but that has
        not been addressed with this minor bug fix.
     *  Adjust wrapping of HTML messages so that the margins specified
        by Viewer Margin Left and Viewer Margin Right are observed
     *  Interrupt of WhereIs command in index was broken
     *  The Unknown Character Set option did not work correctly
        interpreting unknown characters in message headers
     *  Long address lines could cause blank continuation lines
     *  Save to a local default INBOX failed if the primary collection
        was also local, which it is by default. The save went to
        ~/mail/inbox instead.
     *  Make a default save folder of "inbox" always mean the real
        inbox, not the inbox in the primary collection
     *  Address book entries with lots of addresses would be truncated
        when entered in the composer with a screen size wider than 270
        or so charcters
     *  Some fields in the index screen were truncated when the screen
        width was wider than 256 characters
     *  Crash when TABing to next folder, the next folder with new mail
        is a POP folder, and there is a more than 10 minute pause
        between typing the TAB and typing the Yes