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Changes from Alpine 1.00 to 1.10

New in Alpine 1.10

   Version 1.10 addresses bugs found in previous releases and has a few additions
   as well.

   Additions include:

     *  Add the possibility of setting a default role (see Roles
        Screen) which may be convenient if your work flow involves
        acting in one role for a while then switching to another role
        and staying in the new role for another period of time
     *  When Saving and the IMAP server problem "Message to save
        shrank!" is encountered, ask the user if he or she wants to
        continue with the risky Save anyway instead of aborting. This
        may be helpful if your IMAP server is broken in this way but
        be aware that it is possible there was a real error instead of
        just a broken server implementation.
     *  Some configure adjustments for Kerberos detection and for SCO
        OpenServer 5 support
     *  Hide INBOX in a collection if it also appears as an Incoming
     *  Show asterisks for feedback when the user is typing a password
     *  Performance improvement for threading of large folders
     *  Previously, the search used to find Pattern matches containing
        To patterns searched for both To and Resent-To headers. The
        relatively complicated search this produces causes problems
        when using some deficient IMAP servers. Now the default is to
        look only for To headers and ignore the presence of
        Resent-To. The previous behavior may be restored with the Use
        Resent-To in Rules feature.
     *  Add an Unknown Character Set to help with reading malformed
        unlabeled messages
     *  Suppress User Agent When Sending option added
     *  Map some Shift-LeftArrow escape sequences to LeftArrow
     *  Add feature Warn if Blank Fcc

   Bugs that have been addressed in this release include:

     *  Crash when encountering certain errors from an SMTP server
     *  Crash in composer caused by overflow in replace_pat()
     *  Hang when authenticating to an SMTP server that fails with a
        "connection disconnected" error
     *  Bug in handling of trailing tab character in flowed text
     *  Security enhancement for mailcap parameter substitution
     *  Strip From Sigdashes on Reply did not work if the message being
        replied to was not flowed text and Do Not Send Flowed Text was
        not turned on
     *  Don't allow printer to be changed through hidden config screen
        if system administrator didn't want it to be allowed
     *  Attempts are sometimes made to set the Forwarded flag when
        alpine should know that it won't work, causing error messages
        to appear
     *  A Reply Indent String of double-quote double-quote didn't work
     *  Quoting wasn't being done to protect special characters from
        the MacOS X shell when URL-Viewers was not defined
     *  On MacOS X message attachments should be shown internally
        instead of being shown using the Mail application
     *  When replying to a message with a charset of X-UNKNOWN Alpine
        would sometimes set the outgoing charset to X-UNKNOWN, making
        the result unreadable
     *  When the sending of a message failed lines with leading spaces
        had one additional space inserted in each of those lines when
        the user was returned to the composer
     *  The WhereIs command missed some index lines that contained
        non-ascii characters because it was truncating the line being
        searched so that it was shorter than what was visible on the
     *  When composing, an attachment with a long name that causes
        wrapping in just the wrong place would generate an error and
        cause the send of the attachment to fail
     *  After calling the file browser to attach a file in the
        composer, a resize of the window when back in the composer
        would redraw the last screen that had been shown in the
        browser instead of the current composer screen
     *  Possible crash in index screen when encountering unparseable
        addresses or when using one of the PRIORITY tokens or the
        HEADER token in the Index Format
     *  Problems with Header Color editing if the configuration option
        Viewer Header Colors was inadvertently changed to the Empty
        Value in the hidden config screen
     *  When resuming the final postponed message from an Exchange
        server the user could get a certificate validation failure
        because alpine was trying to validate the canonical name of
        the folder instead of the name the user used
     *  Windows line endings in a mimetypes file on a Unix system cause
        a failure to find a match
     *  Make matching of extension names case independent in mimetypes
     *  Windows dialog boxes for entering text were not working correctly
     *  Replying to or Forwarding multipart/alternative messages which
        had a single text/html part did not work well
     *  Printing the print confirmation page caused a crash
     *  A To line with a long, quoted personal name could display
        incorrectly if it was close to the same width as the screen
     *  When Enable Incoming Folders Checking and Incoming Checking
        Includes Total are turned on hide (0/0) when the folder is
     *  Folder completion while Saving didn't work if the collection
        being saved to was the local home directory