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Changes from Alpine 0.99999 to 0.999999

New in Alpine 0.999999

   Version 0.999999 addresses bugs found in previous releases and has a few additions
   as well.

   Additions include:

     *  For dual-use folders make the name a separate handle from the
        trailing [delimiter] indicator. Clicking on the name opens the folder
        and clicking on the delimiter opens the directory.
     *  Remove most "specialness" of INBOX so that it is easier to access
        folders named INBOX other than the configured INBOX
     *  New token _NEWLINE_ to make it possible to remove the blank line
        following the Reply Leadin
     *  New tokens PREFDATE, PREFTIME, PREFDATETIME are locale-specific
        versions of dates for use with the the Reply Leadin option,
        signatures, templates, and the Index Format option

   Bugs that have been addressed in this release include:

     *  Protect the thread that manipulates the busy spinner from window
        resize events, hopefully fixing the resize crashes
     *  Alpine failed to build using Sun Studio
     *  Alpined failed to build with C90 compiler
     *  Setup/Config screen overflowed off right edge of screen
     *  Garbled index screen with Assume Slow Link and non-ascii characters
     *  Improvements to character set labeling for outgoing messages
     *  Do not fetch envelope data for sorting
     *  Do not fetch unnecessary envelope data for select by Match Me
     *  Cancel out of select by Match Me did not work
     *  Make Reply more tolerant of non-compliant line endings when adding
        the reply prefix
     *  Remove the font color choice from the PC-Alpine Set Window Font
        dialog box so that it doesn't change a custom Normal font color to
     *  If sort order is non-arrival, when selecting a postponed message to
        be resumed sometimes the wrong message was selected
     *  Not really a bug, but changed Convert Dates To Localtime so that it
        only converts dates in the index, not when viewing a message
     *  When a message showed up in the index as "Yesterday" it wasn't
        changing when we passed midnight
     *  AllParts command was visible in attachment save keymenu when it
        should not have been there, it should only show up in the export
        command keymenu when exporting a message which has attachments