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Changes from Alpine 0.9999 to 0.99999

New in Alpine 0.99999

   Version 0.99999 addresses bugs found in previous releases and has a few additions
   as well.

   Additions include:

     *  Change feature Thread Sorts by Arrival to not preserve the sorting
        together of top-level threads that have the same subject.
     *  In PC-Alpine, eliminate some configuration options that no longer
        make sense in the Windows version of Alpine. The eliminated options
        are Display Character Set, Keyboard Character Set, and Use System
     *  Regular expressions possible in option Alternate Addresses
     *  New feature Copy To Address to From if it is Us
     *  Minor enhancements to Flag command to allow user to see Keywords that
        exist in a folder but aren't defined in the Keywords config option,
        and to allow keywords to be added from the Flag Details screen
     *  Add a User-Agent header to help us identify revision number in bug

   Bugs that have been addressed in this release include:

     *  Alpine would hang when invoking a display filter on freebsd
     *  Character over-type in line editor prompt near bottom of screen. When
        using the status line to enter data that is longer than will fit on
        the line the fifth character from the right hand edge was
        overwritten, causing confusion.
     *  An index line color that depends on the message status (for example
        red for important messages) sometimes didn't update until the cursor
        was moved away from that line
     *  The Important symbol was sometimes missing when the Threading Index
        Style was set to one of the separate-index-screen styles
     *  With the option Incoming Checking Includes Total turned on the total
        would sometimes be higher than what showed up when looking at the
        folder due to messages that had been filtered
     *  Overly slow performance on Mac OS X due to the use of threads in the
        busy spinner
     *  If features Downgrade Multipart to Text and Enable 8bit ESMTP
        Negotiation or Enable 8bit NNTP Posting were turned on Alpine could
        forget about the encoding type "7BIT" after sending a message
        containing Japanese characters
     *  Incorrect end-of-line markers in messages exported from PC-Alpine
     *  Incorrect display in pico for long lines with leading tabs
     *  Maximizing and quitting in Windows Alpine causes the maximized screen
        size to be stored
     *  Crash when resizing screen to small number of rows in composer
     *  Problem with long MIME subtype names in attachments with PC Alpine
     *  Pipe command viewer did not wrap long lines
     *  Clicking on either FirstPage or LastPage did not work
     *  Don't convert to locale character set when piping or writing to a
        file from attachments that aren't specifically type TEXT