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Changes from Alpine 0.999 to 0.9999

New in Alpine 0.9999

   Version 0.9999 addresses bugs found in previous releases and has a few additions
   as well.

   Additions include:

     *  New feature Thread Sorts by Arrival to rearrange by threads that have
        the most recent arrivals.
     *  New feature Convert Dates To Localtime to convert dates to your local
        timezone before displaying them
     *  Small changes to Lcc behavior in composer. Lcc will usually append to
        the To line contents now instead of replacing them. Lcc in a role
        will set the To line, like it does if you type in the nickname in the
        Lcc field. It still won't set the Fcc but you can set up the role to
        do that if you want.
     *  Attempt to handle so-called soft hyphens but only in a simple way
     *  New color option Incoming Unseen Color to color Incoming folders
        containing unseen messages
     *  New feature NNTP Search Uses Overview to improve search response in
        news. This feature is turned on by default. If it causes trouble
        please let the alpha list know.
     *  In addition to the automatically set status flags for "New",
        "Answered", and "Deleted" state that already existed, a new
        "Forwarded" state flag has been added. This flag is a little
        different from the others in that it is implemented by using the
        non-standard "$Forwarded" keyword instead of one of the IMAP standard
        system flags.
     *  New tokens (Tokens for Index and Replying) for the Index Format
        option. The tokens are PRIORITY, PRIORITYALPHA, and PRIORITY!. These
        give a way to display the value of the X-Priority header. It's also
        possible to set the value of the X-Priority header on outgoing mail
        by using the "Priority" subcommand that is available after typing
        Ctrl-X to send. These tokens may be colored using the Index Priority
        Symbol Colors.

   Bugs that have been addressed in this release include:

     *  Alternate editor did not work in PC-Alpine
     *  Crash when choosing from several postponed messages if postponed
        message folder was local
     *  Crash when saving to a local folder (error was "imap_cap called on
        non-IMAP stream!")
     *  Terminal reset not working correctly with display and sending filters
     *  Cutting / pasting addresses with commas inside quotes did not work
        correctly in the composer
     *  If both Separate Folder and Directory Entries and Hide Empty
        Directories were set then empty dual-use directories were not hidden
     *  If the Folder Sort Rule sorted directories to the front or back of
        the list, Hide Empty Directories was turned on, and Separate Folder
        and Directory Entries was turned off; the sort order could be
     *  Calculating a Score using the "Score From Header" method did not work
        unless the "Score Value" was set to something other than zero
     *  Left arrow did not exit from Setup/Config screen by default
     *  SHORTIMAPSTATUS token added in last version was not quite right
     *  We were breaking the References: header and thus threading when we
        encountered reasonably long Message-Ids
     *  Windows Alpine could freeze when receiving a message in Hebrew or
        other languages with zero-length Unicode characters
     *  Windows Alpine was ignoring characters input via Alt-Gr, such as the
        "@" symbol on a German keyboard.
     *  Filters that used an incoming folder as a Specific folder to match
        did not work if the folder name ended with an implicit "INBOX"
     *  Character set was wrong when forwarding a multi-part alternative and
        typing in text in a character set different from the character set of
        the part being forwarded
     *  Bounce was sometimes translating text instead of just sending it as
     *  Several small adjustments to message-to-message navigation in
        threaded index screens and some small adjustments in the appearance
        of index lines in those screens
     *  Eliminate status message flicker when holding down the down arrow