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Changes from Alpine 0.98 to 0.99

New in Alpine 0.99

   Version 0.99 addresses bugs found in previous releases and has a few additions
   as well.

   Additions include:

     *  Added a method to use a number embedded in a header as an Alpine
     *  New color option Meta-Message Color to color messages from Alpine
        that have been added in the MESSAGE TEXT screen
     *  Added a history mechanism for many of the commands that use the text
        input field near the bottom of the screen (WhereIs, Pipe, Save,
        Export, GoTo, Bounce, Select by text). This can be turned off with
        the option Disable-Input-History.
     *  Configurable Composer Word Separators
     *  Added editorial comment to start of displayed HTML when a link's text
        appears to be a URL but does not match the HREF target, or when the
        target is specified by IP address.
     *  Added server name decoration to link display in HTML text.

   Bugs that have been addressed in this release include:

     *  IndexColor rules and Score rules were broken in 0.98
     *  Crash searching message index
     *  Crash in OS X when opening attachments and no command line arguments
        were given to Alpine
     *  Paragraph justify was broken in 0.98
     *  Crash searching help text on MacOS PowerPC
     *  Quote Replace String was switching out quotes in the composer even
        though it should only be done when viewing a message