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Changes from Alpine 0.83 to 0.98

New in Alpine 0.98

   Version 0.98 addresses bugs found in previous releases and has a few additions
   as well.

   Additions include:

     *  Added a little bit of localization in the month and day names in the
        MESSAGE INDEX when the locale is known. Disable this with the option
        Disable Index Locale Dates
     *  Two new tokens for the Index Format option. The tokens are HEADER and
        TEXT. HEADER is motivated by the desire to display spam scores in the
     *  Some improvements in tab-completion of address book nicknames
     *  UNIX Alpine now also recognizes Ctrl-Left in the composer if
        Ctrl-Left produces the "standard" ESC [ 5D escape sequence. ESC ESC
        Left arrow also produces Ctrl-Left. Ctrl-Left is back one word and
        Ctrl-Right is forward one word.
     *  When composing, if a Mark has been set the Justify command will now
        offer the possibility of adjusting the quote level of the marked
        text. For example, Ctrl-J followed by a 3 will set the quote level
        (the number of > characters at the start of the lines) of the
        selected region to three.
     *  Make it possible to configure Alpine to use a passfile on Mac OS X
        instead of using Apple Keychain (configure option). Changed the name
        of the Alpine argument -nowrite_passfile to -nowrite_password_cache
        to better reflect its purpose.

   Bugs that have been addressed in this release include:

     *  Address book sort was broken
     *  WhereIs search in MESSAGE INDEX did not find match on current line
     *  About Attachment command didn't show parameter values in last version
     *  Mouse click in headers while composing was broken
     *  Crash in attachment and URL opening under Mac OS X when not viewed
     *  Crash when reading Indic test into composer
     *  Crash when bouncing a message and send fails
     *  Reverse Arrival sort could occasionally result in Alpine becoming
        confused about which message goes with which message number. One
        possible symptom was new messages arriving but not showing up in the
        index, or filtered messages appearing even though they had been
     *  When replying to a mangled address that looked like <@domain> an
        address consisting of what looked like random characters was used
        instead of the bad address
     *  When piping a RAW message to the display the message was being
        interpreted as if it was encoded as UTF-8 instead of just leaving the
        bits alone
     *  The Recent flag was lost when Saving to unix format local folders
     *  Some address book crashes fixed
     *  Minor problem with maildrops together with reply and reopen