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Changes from Alpine 0.82 to 0.83

New in Alpine 0.83

   Version 0.83 addresses bugs found in previous releases and has a few additions
   as well.

   Additions include:

     *  Tab-completion of address book nicknames when Enable Tab Completion
        feature is turned on
     *  For Windows version when composing Ctrl-Left is back one word,
        Ctrl-Home moves to beginning of body, and Ctrl-End moves to the end
     *  Added transparent color possibility for UNIX Alpine "use-termdef"
        style when termcap entry contains Back Color Erase
     *  Avoid invalid character set errors from IMAP server when there is no
        reason to use a non-ASCII character set
     *  Windows Alpine builds without requiring setup of c-client directories
        or LDAP configuration
     *  Added ViewInNewWindow command to PC-Alpine's Message menu
     *  Added Busy Cue Spinner Only option to turn off randomness in the busy
        cue animations. The option Active-Msg-Updates-Per-Second was renamed
        to Busy Cue Rate.

   Bugs that have been addressed in this release include:

     *  Crash from message with charset label unicode-1-1-utf-7
     *  Crash when doing beginning of month copying of read-messages
     *  A Stay-Open folder which was in the Incoming Archive Folders list
        could break the Select command in that folder
     *  Ctrl-Z did not work in Windows version
     *  Printing of a message didn't work in Windows version
     *  Crash when deleting threads with the Delete key
     *  Crash when expanding address book entry with no domain name in
     *  Crash in composer when editing headers (double free in FormatLines)
     *  Username was truncated to 3 characters in login dialog
     *  Buffer overflow in altedit.c
     *  Quotes with leading digits could be painted in the wrong color
     *  Bug preventing opening of attachments in Mac OS X or opening
        attachments with the wrong application
     *  Message attachments were displayed incorrectly when header colors
        were turned on
     *  When including a message from the composer (with Ctrl-R Ctrl-W)
        non-ascii text was not correctly converted
     *  Sending and display filters were not converting the data to the local
        character set before calling the filter, and were not converting back
     *  When a program was used for the Signature File the output was assumed
        to be in UTF-8 instead of in the locale's character set
     *  In Windows the context menu for selecting from multiple postponed
        messages was broken
     *  Crash when running with command line argument of -d0